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PLC and technology in automatic complete set welding center

2016/5/19      view:
The level of development of welding technology is a measure of a country's level of manufacturing and mechanical science and technology development signs. World Modern welding technology in an efficient, energy-saving, high-quality and process digitization, automation and intelligent control features, in the country, whether it is the development trend of composing ratio from the current output of welding equipment and materials, or from welding equipment manufacturing and materials technology and development direction point of view, China is now a lot of welding technology have been developed, and some product technology has reached or approached the advanced level, especially complete sets of welding equipment and the scale of production technology.
In recent years, with the improvement in the level of industrial process automation, energy-saving awareness of environmental protection awareness, especially with China's entry into WTO, the competition is more fierce welding industry, and the quality of the products made higher requirements. Prompted my sets, special welding overall manufacturing capacity and level of the equipment can be greatly improved, in order to improve the quality of welding products to ensure product quality, the introduction of a company production of complete sets of welding equipment, not only improve the quality of welding products, improve the work efficiency, but also save a lot of energy, protect the health of workers. The device can be widely boilers, pressure vessels, petrochemical, machinery and other manufacturing industries. The center of advanced structure, complete functions, flexible control, easy to operate. Can achieve automatic welding, but also to achieve automatic protection. To improve the welding quality and reliable guarantee, is to improve the quality of welding equipment and welding automation to achieve the ideal.
2, structural components of the system and the main technical parameters
Structure 2.1 system components
The main parameters ZGBM automatic welding center by YM-350KR2 automatic MAG welding machine, high column manipulator, welding roller frame and electrical control equipment combination 2.2 System
2.2.1 YM-350KR2 type MAG welder
YM-350 type MAG automatic welding machine from the power YD350KR2, wire feeder and torch YW-35KB member YT-35, has a good performance. It has the power to close the welding arc voltage and current parameters set, able to adapt to different welding specifications, welding position and the type of wire needs; welding head by a wire feeder, conductive parts, welding head, wire spools and other components. The agency has maintenance is simple, reliable, no acoustic noise, high efficiency, long life and other characteristics. And with welded frame, roller frame, select the best welding specifications to obtain the best welding quality. The control device by the electrical control box and remote control box of two parts. Electrical control box has two panels, a control board is a contact, the plate is made of fuses, control transformer, contactors, PLC systems and terminals, etc. This part controls the motors off, the achievement of the part of the action; another board, mainly by the drive and control components. Mainly on the arm motor, roller motor control and protection. Both parts of the above linkages, automatic welding, and can operate independently of each other individually. The main parameters are:
Rated welding current 350A
Power supply voltage ~ 380V, 50Hz
No-load voltage of 52V
Welding current adjustment range 60 ~ 350A
Wire diameter Φ1.0,1.2 mm; rated duty cycle of 50%
Rated power 18.1kVA
2.2.2 Column welding machine operator
Column welding manipulator consists of part of the lifting mechanism, telescopic arm mechanism, slewing mechanism, traveling mechanism and cross trimming institutions. In order to ensure the safety and quality of welding, when the telescopic arm is conducting weld when walking, lifting, rotating, walking are locked. In addition, lifting, walking between each other and the rotation is locked. Arm lift mechanism AC motor drive, AC motor powered by the inverter, to implement variable speed over a wide range to meet the welder for optimal welding range of needs.